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Established Named Funds and Donors

Taranaki is full of amazing people making incredible things happen within our rohe. Taranaki Foundation is the link between them and the generous people like yourself who want to support their mahi and create a more vibrant, prosperous region for all.

These established Named Funds will provide the essential long-term funding streams our hardworking community groups, organisations and individuals need to carry on their important work so Taranaki can flourish, now and for generations to come.

Our Donors

Hinton Family Investment Fund

Harry and Helen Bayliss

Terry and Angela Boon

Ken and Jennifer Horner

Taranaki Foundation Funds

Harry and Helen Bayliss Fund*

Taranaki Hauora Fund

J1 Fund (Anonymous)

The Johansen Family Fund (Pass-Through Fund)

Terry and Angela Boon Fund*

Nancy and Hugh Mills Fund* (Pass Through Fund)

JC Fund (Anonymous)

George Mason Fund* (Pass Through Fund)

Cliff Perrett Memorial Trust

Rudi Milesi Fund

The Harvey Symes Fund

Bruce Carter Fund

Isobel Bremer Medical Service Trust

Brookdell Fear Trust Fund

* Taranaki Foundation Founding Donors – We want to acknowledge the generosity and support of these Founding Donors who established Named Funds with us in 2016.

"We’ve done well living in a strong community and we’re now in a position to give back to that community to allow things to be done in the future for others."
Harry and Helen Bayliss - Founding Donors