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Create a living legacy

Establishing your own Named Fund is a wonderful way to support the projects and causes close to your heart and your home for generations to come.

You can establish a Named Fund at any time with us and you can start small and build it up over time. We will work closely with you and your family to create your fund which best fits with your charitable objectives.

How does it work?

Your gift is invested and grown, supporting transformative work in our community year after year after year.

You choose the causes and projects that benefit from your generosity (our team of local experts can help you identify local groups working in the spaces you’re passionate about).

Our annual updates and reporting let you (and your descendants) keep track of your Fund’s earnings and distributions.

Your Fund is professionally managed in perpetuity.

Donations made to your Named Fund during your lifetime qualify for a tax credit.

Getting started

When you establish a fund with Taranaki Foundation, we take the time to understand your giving goals.

We’ll sit down together to discuss options such as when to donate (during your lifetime or as part of your will), what causes to support, and the amount you wish to give.

Your Named Fund can be established with a one-off donation of $50,000 or more, or through multiple donations over time.

Once your Fund reaches $50,000, we’ll make annual grants to the causes you care most about.

No matter how you choose to give, you can be sure that your generosity will make a real, lasting difference to the causes and people you are passionate about within our region.

We’d love to connect with you and talk about how we can help you help your community

Have a few questions?

  • These are Funds that an individual, family, group or organisation can establish.
  • A Named Fund can be based on any of the three Fund models (Endowment, Pass Through or Combined).
  • Decisions about details including the name, model and beneficiaries are made by the people who establish each particular Named Fund.
  • Once an Named Fund reaches $50,000 then annual distributions are made using income generated from the untouched capital. Your fund capital is also expected to grow.
  • Read about some of the Named Funds that have already been established with Taranaki Foundation here.

Setting up your own Named Fund is really easy. When you get in touch, we will meet with you to find out about you and your charitable aspirations. Taranaki Foundation is very much donor led, so we can tailor your Fund to reflect your values and priorities. Find out more about establishing your own Named Fund here.

You can choose to set up your own Named Fund or to contribute to any existing General, Community or Named Fund whose focus best reflects the causes, groups and work you are most passionate about. Read more about establishing a Named Fund here or browse the existing Funds you can donate to here.

Any donation you make will be prudently invested by Taranaki Foundation and each year income earned will be distributed to the community according to the terms of the Fund you’ve chosen.  Your donation becomes part of the Fund’s capital and remains untouched – so your gift keeps on giving year after year after year.

If you want to donate in a different way, contact us now to discuss options.

Many of our donors already have relationships with specific charities that they want to continue. This is very easy — we simply “tag” your Named Fund with any charities you wish to support (and then make sure funding goes to them, as specified, each and every year). These tagged funds are managed by Taranaki Foundation and are held at arm’s length to the charity they benefit.

Charities and community groups love tagged donations because they know they can rely on the annual funding and plan accordingly. Also, because we (as opposed to the charity) have the capital on our books, the charity is usually not excluded from applying for funding from other sources.

"The income from the Fund will continue to be distributed according to our wishes for perpetuity, which is most important to us."
Kevin Murphy, New Plymouth Opera House Fund