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The Will To Give

Leaving a gift for the community in your Will through Taranaki Foundation is a simple way to ensure your gift will continue giving forever.

By making a gift in your Will, or establishing a fund in your lifetime, you will support the people, places and communities you care about for generations to come.

You may consider leaving a percentage of your estate or a specified sum in your Will, the choice is up to you.

Full details of the options available to anyone thinking about leaving a gift to Taranaki Foundation can be found in our Bequest Pack.


Case Study

Through a gift in his Will, safeguarded by Taranaki Foundation, Glen Fergusson will be enabling scholarships for Taranaki students specifically in the areas of journalism and photography.

He says that giving in this way, through a gift in his Will, makes him feel good. “I like the idea of leaving the world in a better place than when I arrived; turning my money into something that will always remain.”


Have a few questions?

Foundation staff can work with you to understand your wishes and provide the documentation your lawyer will require to include a gift in your Will.
Or you may choose to work directly with your professional advisor to make a bequest to the Taranaki Foundation in your Will.


Giving is all about your personal situation.  You can choose to:

  • Make a bequest in your Will for a specified amount.
  • Leave a percentage of your estate in your Will.
  • Give during your lifetime – you can decide to make small or large gifts over time.

You don’t have to be specific. You can consider leaving a percentage of your estate, perhaps with a ceiling limit attached to it.

"Imagine if people were to leave 10 percent of their estate to the community through Taranaki Foundation. What a great benefit that would be for Taranaki."
Ken Horner - Deputy Chair, Taranaki Foundation