In September 2021 the Cliff Perrett Memorial Trust was transferred to the Taranaki Foundation for management.

Cliff Perrett was born in 1931, the second and youngest son of Sidney George and Merial Maude Perrett. He had an interest in history and genealogy and during his life compiled a large collection of information which has been made available to Puke Ariki Museum, and the Waitara Historical Society.

Cliff remained single and lived in Taranaki all his life. After his death in 2003, by his Will he set up a Trust with the specific object of making grants available to assist nurses from the Taranaki region to meet their education and training costs.

The Cliff Perrett Trust has assisted local students with scholarships since 2006. To honour its intentions, Taranaki Foundation will continue to administer these annual scholarships which endeavour to be to assist two students each year (one for South Taranaki and one from North Taranaki).

Cliff Perrett Memorial Trust Scholarship – Past Recipients:
Rochelle Hall
Helen Murray
Kirsten Hicks
Hayley Growcott
Stephanie Bayliss
Kate Crocker
Sarah Ford
Natalie Bedwell-Curtis
Lydia Thorby
Natalie Bedwell-Curtis
Rebekah Donnelly
Beth West
Marcia Gallyer
Amy Deller
Kkayla Wanahi-Hemara
Jade Newsome
Jayne Wood