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Our People

Taranaki Foundation’s voluntary Trustees have a deep, personal commitment to our region. They gift their time, considerable community knowledge and professional expertise to lead Taranaki Foundation. They passionately believe in the power of philanthropy to transform lives and create a more vibrant, prosperous region for all.

Meet our Team

Bryce Barnett MNZM, FCA
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Ken Horner
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Loren Anderson MBA
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Mark Bowden MNZM
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Dan Radcliffe
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Paul Goldsmith
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Phil Hinton
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Josh Hickford CA
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Theresa Cayley
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Taranaki Foundation Committees

Investment Committee

  • Ken Horner (Chair & Foundation Trustee)
  • Dan Radcliffe (Foundation Trustee)
  • Phil Hinton (Foundation Trustee)
  • Kevin Landrigan (Member)
  • Christine Egarr (Advisor, Craigs Investment Partners)
  • Andrew Butterworth (Advisor, Craigs Investment Partners)
  • Josh Hickford (Chief Executive)

Overseeing Taranaki Foundation’s investment strategies and policies, the Investment Committee is also responsible for our Distribution Policy — the framework which helps the Distribution Committee decide how annual grants are assigned and dispersed.

The Investment Committee is Board appointed and must include a minimum of two sitting Board Trustees.

Distribution Committee

  • Mark Bowden (Chair & Foundation Trustee)
  • Loren Anderson (Foundation Trustee)
  • Anne Barron (Member)
  • Ross Fulton (Member)
  • Theresa Cayley (Community Engagement Manager)
  • Josh Hickford (Chief Executive)

This committee assesses applications from people, projects and organisations wanting to benefit from Taranaki Foundation’s annual distribution of grants, awarding funding in line with our Distribution Policy.  It also acts as the Local Allocation Committee for the Tindall Foundation.

Our Distribution Committee maintains an essential link with the community, providing the necessary insight and leadership to make sure all Taranaki Foundation grants are made in the best interests of our donors and our province.

Internal Controls & Risk Committee

  • Loren Anderson (Chair & Foundation Trustee)
  • Mark Bowden (Foundation Trustee)
  • Phil Hinton (Foundation Trustee)
  • Laura Thomas (Advisor, Tandem Group)
  • Marilyn Davies (Advisor, Tandem Group)
  • Josh Hickford (Chief Executive)

The Internal Controls & Risk Committee supports policy management, compliance, risk management, internal controls and external audit for Taranaki Foundation.

The committee is supported by the expertise of local chartered accountants Tandem Group. Tandem Group are also a supporter of the Foundation.

Our Partners

Our Supporters

As a charitable foundation we simply couldn’t do what we do without the generous support of amazing people, businesses and organisations throughout the community. Taranaki Foundation Supporters are a special group who invest their time, resources, expertise and talents to help us do our job and build a more vibrant and prosperous Taranaki for all.