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Protecting Your Gifts.

Taranaki Foundation’s mission is to establish and nurture permanent funding streams for local charitable causes, working together to make our region a more vibrant, prosperous place for everyone.

We are here to fulfil your giving wishes, making it easy to give back or leave a legacy to the Taranaki Community. Our smarter giving model means that any donations received will last for generations. We pool and invest the charitable gifts of our donors, with the investment returns earned going to back to local community groups as funding grants while the original investment continues to grow over time.


How we invest

Although each Fund is monitored and accounted for individually, all capital is combined and managed by Taranaki Foundation in order to reduce costs and risks.

Our Investment Committee provides guidance to our Foundation Trustees. In turn they oversee our investment policy and appoint and supervise Taranaki Foundation’s specialist investment advisors, Craigs Investment Partners & Forsyth Barr. Agreements are entered into with fund managers as opportunities and new relationships arise. We also work with other fund managers and advisors on a less formal basis.

Our specialist investment advisors manage Taranaki Foundation’s investment portfolio (Craigs also manage several other community foundations across New Zealand); they are both two of New Zealand’s largest full-service investment firms. The firms manage the funds in a socially responsible manner, using its in-house sustainability scores and assessing investments against a range of environmental, social and governance factors.

Capital from Taranaki Foundation Funds is invested in a diversified, balanced growth portfolio. It includes fixed interest, New Zealand, Australian and international shares and listed property investments. While our specialist investment advisors play a big role in our capital management, Taranaki Foundation continues to explore all reliable but more diverse investment opportunities. Investments outside of the specialist investment advisors are managed by the Investment Committee in collaboration with the other fund managers or subject matter experts.

Our Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO) outlines our commitment to prudent stewardship of donor funds, focused on maximising fund distribution over the long term.


Taranaki Foundation Funds are entirely donor-led and focused. The annual total return earned from investments is used to make grants to the charities, groups and people our Funds have been established to support. A portion of the income is retained to maintain the real value of each Fund. Each year 1 percent of your invested capital goes towards Taranaki Foundation operating expenses.

Taranaki Foundation works with local funders and community leaders to identify areas of need throughout Taranaki. Our Distribution Committee oversees the granting of any unspecified Funds.

All Taranaki Foundation Trustees and committee members work as volunteer stewards, practicing Kaitiakitanga on behalf of the Taranaki community.

Have a few questions?

Taranaki Foundation is about bringing people together to make a lasting difference in local communities throughout our region.

We do this by connecting generous local donors with the people, projects and charitable causes making a real difference in Taranaki.

An important point of difference is that the funding streams we create will last indefinitely. Our smarter funding model leaves capital to grow while the income it earns is used for granting. Because we protect your initial gift, it can continue to generate income for local causes indefinitely.

Each Fund is monitored and accounted for individually however, to reduce risk and lessen administration costs, capital across all funds is combined and managed by Taranaki Foundation.

Taranaki Foundation’s investment portfolio is managed by Craigs Investment Partners, with supervision from our Investment Management Committee. Several other investments sit with other fund managers, providers and in assets outside the Craigs portfolio.

We have a Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO) that outlines our investment strategy.

If you have an existing relationship with an investment/fund manager you are welcome to continue using their services given they meet the appropriate fiduciary requirements. We are open to working with all advisors in our community.

By making your charitable giving via Taranaki Foundation your donation can go further and forever within the community you love. ​

Your donation can be invested and grown, with the income it generates funding local causes year on year. It’s a simple, effective and long-lasting way for your generosity to support our community’s needs and impact long-term change. ​

Better still, you can choose who benefits from your gift. Find out more here 

"By giving through Taranaki Foundation, your donation is invested and grown, continually earning to create a reliable, long-term funding stream that supports local causes that you care about, forever. We are grateful to Taranaki Foundation for partnering with us as our Local Allocation Committee."
Sir Stephen Tindall - The Tindall Foundation