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You don’t have to be specific. You can consider leaving a percentage of your estate, perhaps with a ceiling limit attached to it.

Giving is all about your personal situation.  You can choose to:

  • Make a bequest in your Will for a specified amount.
  • Leave a percentage of your estate in your Will.
  • Give during your lifetime – you can decide to make small or large gifts over time.

Foundation staff can work with you to understand your wishes and provide the documentation your lawyer will require to include a gift in your Will.
Or you may choose to work directly with your professional advisor to make a bequest to the Taranaki Foundation in your Will.


Professional Advisors

  • Help your client create a permanent legacy by establishing a Named Fund.
  • Your client can support the local projects and causes they’re passionate about.
  • Donations can be made during your client’s lifetime — enabling them to see the results of their generosity (and benefit from tax credits now).
  • Alternatively, your clients can donate through their will or by a distribution from their Family Trust. Gifting by will and from a trust may create or add to existing endowments.
  • Your clients rely on your guidance to make important financial decisions. When it comes to charitable giving, we can partner with you to simplify their giving and amplify their impact.

Fund Categories

  • These are Funds that an individual, family, group or organisation can establish.
  • A Named Fund can be based on any of the three Fund models (Endowment, Pass Through or Combined).
  • Decisions about details including the name, model and beneficiaries are made by the people who establish each particular Named Fund.
  • Once an Named Fund reaches $50,000 then annual distributions are made using income generated from the untouched capital. Your fund capital is also expected to grow.
  • Read about some of the Named Funds that have already been established with Taranaki Foundation here.
  • Pass Through Funds are generally established by corporate or business organisations.
  • 100% of donations are distributed (pass through) to the community and a great way for an organisation to manage their community giving through the Foundation.
  • An operational contribution is required with all Pass Through Funds. This is a reflection of the partnership entered into and the time it takes to manage these Funds
  • Read about some of the Pass Through Funds that have already been established with Taranaki Foundation here.
  • These are existing Funds that community groups including schools, incorporated societies, and charities have set up with Taranaki Foundation.
  • Most of our Community Funds are Named Funds (see below), although it is possible to set up a Community Fund under a Pass Through or Combined model as well.
  • The community group that establishes a Fund sets the agenda and determines the groups and work that benefit from it.
  • Once established, anyone can donate any amount they choose to a Community Fund (provided they meet the criteria set out by the people who established it).
  • Community Funds automatically qualify to be part of our Workplace Giving scheme which encourages businesses and employees throughout the region to make regular contributions to the Funds managed by Taranaki Foundation. Find out more about Workplace Giving here. 
  • Find out more about the Established Community Funds you can donate to here.

General Funds:

  • We currently have two General Funds – the Taranaki Foundation Fund and the Taranaki Foundation Operational Fund.
  • The Taranaki Foundation Fund is a Named Fund (see below) and the Taranaki Foundation Operational Fund is to support our ongoing operational cost to run the Foundation. Anyone can donate any amount they wish to these funds.
  • Find out more about our Taranaki Foundation Fund and the Taranaki Foundation Operational Fund here.
  • These are Funds where a specified portion of the capital is “Passed Through” annually (i.e. is distributed as grants).
  • The remaining portion stays untouched, building the Fund’s capital.
  • Once the Fund reaches $50,000 annual grants are made using the income generated by this capital.


Community foundations  — like Taranaki Foundation — are local, independent and not-for-profit. They run a well proven model of place-based philanthropy which is growing in popularity world-wide. Taranaki Foundation is one of 17 community foundations across New Zealand and more than 1800 internationally.

Taranaki Foundation is about bringing people together to make a lasting difference in local communities throughout our region.

We do this by connecting generous local donors with the people, projects and charitable causes making a real difference in Taranaki.

An important point of difference is that the funding streams we create will last indefinitely. Our smarter funding model leaves capital to grow while the income it earns is used for granting. Because we protect your initial gift, it can continue to generate income for local causes indefinitely.

Taranaki Foundation currently manages nearly 3 million dollars of charitable donations. These are split into a variety of different Funds — each set up by a group or individual with a specific purpose.

Taranaki Foundation Funds are sorted into four categories: General Funds, Community Funds, Named Funds and Pass Through Funds. Every Fund is based on one of three models – Endowment, Pass Through or Combined.

If you have a bright idea for a project or initiative that could benefit our community now and in the future, we want to hear from you.

Get in touch with us now.

We are the foundation for your community. If you want to carry out a fundraiser for us or one of our Community Funds, get in touch with us now.

We can set up a specific fundraising campaign through our donation portal to help promote your campaign and manage the transactions.


You can donate to any existing Fund using our donation portal here.

If donating via your local branch or internet banking, please make your gift to:

Account Name:           Taranaki Foundation

Account Number:        15-3953-0804837-00

Reference:                   Name of the Fund you would like to support

Email us your contact details if you would like a donation receipt (to claim your tax credit).

If you want to donate in person or in a different way, contact us now to discuss options.

You can choose to set up your own Named Fund or to contribute to any existing General, Community or Named Fund whose focus best reflects the causes, groups and work you are most passionate about. Read more about establishing a Named Fund here or browse the existing Funds you can donate to here.

Any donation you make will be prudently invested by Taranaki Foundation and each year income earned will be distributed to the community according to the terms of the Fund you’ve chosen.  Your donation becomes part of the Fund’s capital and remains untouched – so your gift keeps on giving year after year after year.

If you want to donate in a different way, contact us now to discuss options.

By making your charitable giving via Taranaki Foundation your donation can go further and forever within the community you love. ​

Your donation can be invested and grown, with the income it generates funding local causes year on year. It’s a simple, effective and long-lasting way for your generosity to support our community’s needs and impact long-term change. ​

Better still, you can choose who benefits from your gift. Find out more here 

Setting up your own Named Fund is really easy. When you get in touch, we will meet with you to find out about you and your charitable aspirations. Taranaki Foundation is very much donor led, so we can tailor your Fund to reflect your values and priorities. Find out more about establishing your own Named Fund here.

You can choose to remain entirely anonymous, during your lifetime and after your death.

If you are creating a Named Fund then you decide what the Fund will be called and how much information about the people and story behind it is shared or not shared. Your wishes will be honoured forever.

We encourage you to create your Fund now and make contributions to it as you are able.

Once your Fund reaches $50,000 you will be able to direct grants to appropriate projects and charitable causes.

Alternatively, you may wish to contribute to the Taranaki Fund which has been established to to meet the current needs of the community. Or you can donate to an Established Community Fund like the Hospice Taranaki Fund, Taranaki Legacy Fund and Purangi Trust Fund.

Many of our donors already have relationships with specific charities that they want to continue. This is very easy — we simply “tag” your Named Fund with any charities you wish to support (and then make sure funding goes to them, as specified, each and every year). These tagged funds are managed by Taranaki Foundation and are held at arm’s length to the charity they benefit.

Charities and community groups love tagged donations because they know they can rely on the annual funding and plan accordingly. Also, because we (as opposed to the charity) have the capital on our books, the charity is usually not excluded from applying for funding from other sources.

If this occurs during your lifetime, we will work with you to nominate a new beneficiary for your Fund. If a charity ceases after your passing, Taranaki Foundation will endeavour to identify another organisation that operates within the same charitable purpose as the original beneficiary. Where this is not possible, Taranaki Foundation will allocate the income earned on these Funds to priority needs in the region through the General Taranaki Fund.

The vast majority of Taranaki Foundation’s Funds are based on the Named (Endowment) Fund model, where the capital is protected and grants are distributed only from the income generated.

However, you can opt to establish a Fund using the Pass-Through or Combined models. In these models either all or some of the original capital is distributed via grants. For example, with the Pass Through model, an individual could donate $50,000, to be paid out in $10,000 increments over a five-year period. With the Combined model they may choose to pay out half of the capital in  annual  distributions, protecting and growing the other half for future distributions.

You can learn more about the different Fund models Taranaki Foundation uses here.

Each Fund is monitored and accounted for individually however, to reduce risk and lessen administration costs, capital across all funds is combined and managed by Taranaki Foundation.

All of Taranaki Foundation’s investments are managed by Craigs Investment Partners, with supervision from our Investment Management Committee.

Taranaki Foundation directs 1 percent of the income earned on invested funds towards operating expenses.

Anyone establishing a Named Fund is encouraged to consider donating towards operating expenses. This can be in the form of a one-off donation when the Fund is established or a series of smaller donations over a fixed time period, or (in the case of donations that are bequeathed) a single donation when the gift is received by Taranaki Foundation.


We currently have one funding round per year. The application process opens in August and closes end of September each year.  Only applications received in their entirety by that date will be considered. Applicants will be notified of the outcome in November. Find out more about applying for funding here.

Taranaki Foundation acts as The Tindall Foundation’s (TTF) Local Allocation Committee for Taranaki, distributing donations from $500 to $10,000 in our region to projects and initiatives that support The Tindall Foundation funding priorities.

TTF’s application process runs in parallel with Taranaki Foundations funding round, opening in August and closing at the end of September each year. Find out more about applying for funding from TTF here.

Yes – but your applications must either be for separate projects/reasons or for separate portions of your total funding requirements (i.e. If you need $5,000 you can make separate applications for $2,500 from both The Tindall Foundation and Taranaki Foundation, but you cannot apply for the full $5,000 from both funders).  You also need to complete separate applications for each foundation.

Taranaki Foundation was established in June 2016 (under our original name Te Karaka Foundation) and is currently securing and growing the assets that will fund great local causes in the future.  We do have a modest annual distribution programme. Find out more about applying for funding here.

Subject to investment returns, we aim to distribute 4 percent from each Named Fund as annual community grants in accordance with the charitable priorities as outlined in the donor Memorandum of Wishes.

A further 1 percent of the income is retained by Taranaki Foundation to cover our operating costs.

Any remaining income and capital growth is reinvested in order to grow each Fund — allowing them to continue in perpetuity.

Our Distributions Committee is made up of experts in charitable giving. They review grant applications, making annual distributions in line with the stated wishes of each Fund, or based on the needs of the community for non-designated Funds. We have a Distribution Policy which provides a robust framework for the committee to use when making granting decisions.

All positions on the Distribution Advisory Committee are voluntary and report to the Board of Trustees.

Our Trustees ensure Taranaki Foundation’s grant-making process is transparent and addresses the interests of applicants and the wishes of donors and funding partners.

Applications are reviewed and matched with available Funds by our staff and Distributions Committee members. If an application doesn’t match with any Fund’s criteria it is rejected.

Where there is a donor who wants to be involved in the decision-making process we ensure that they receive a shortlist of projects that match their Fund’s purpose and we take their wishes into consideration.

Our Distributions Committee meets in October to determine the successful applicants, and once the grants are ratified by the Taranaki Foundation Trustees, the decisions are announced.

Workplace Giving

Taranaki Foundation Workplace Giving is an easy way for companies to help their employees give back to our local community with regular donations through their payroll system.

It is simple for both employer and employee. Find out more about Workplace Giving here 

No. Companies aren’t required to contribute any money up front. All a company needs to do is:

Enable staff to donate through the payroll system (we can help set this up).

Include Workplace Giving information in induction packs for new staff.

Give us the opportunity to talk to your staff about workplace giving. We keep these presentations short and can do them in small groups to minimise the impact on your business. There is no obligation on your employees to participate.

No they don’t. While some employers choose to contribute alongside their employees, it is not required.


Not only is Workplace Giving an easy way for people to donate a little often, it also has the added bonus of an immediate tax benefit.

Employees receive an immediate tax credit for their donations, instead of having to retain their receipts and wait until the end of the year to claim a rebate.

For every dollar donated they receive a third back as a tax credit in the same pay period. If you donate $7.50, the government pays $2.50 of that meaning only $5 is deducted from your pay packet.