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Looking for Funding?

When can you apply?

Are you working to help make Taranaki a more prosperous, vibrant, equitable region?

We have one funding round per annum.

Our funding round for 2022 will open in August 2022 which will include applications for:

  • Taranaki Foundation annual funding
  • The Tindall Foundation funding for Taranaki
  • The Hearing & Visual Impairment Fund

Taranaki Foundation Annual Funding

Our 2021 funding round  is now closed.  Applications for our 2022 funding round will open in August 2022.

Who can apply?

  • Anyone who wants funding for a charitable purpose or purposes that will benefit Taranaki.
  • Applications must be from the entity that will govern and/or manage the activity funding is being sought for i.e. you can’t apply on someone else’s behalf.
  • Currently grants given are from $500 up  to a maximum of $5000 but are typically much less.

Taranaki Foundation does not fund:

  • Projects or activities that are outside the geographic borders of New Zealand.
  • Political advocacy or advancement or other lobby groups.
  • Activities where the primary purpose is fundraising or re-gifting.

Unsure if you can apply? Please contact us.

Our current funding priorities are:

  • At risk youth
  • Aged care
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Organisations working in South Taranaki
  • Hearing and visually impaired people (this fund has a dedicated application form)
  • And general purposes from the Taranaki Foundation General Fund

Tindall Foundation Funding

Taranaki Foundation is proud to act as a Local Allocation Committee for The Tindall Foundation (TTF), a philanthropic family foundation working throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.  TTF is helping to build a stronger, sustainable nation so that family, communities and our environment thrive now and in the future. The Taranaki regional funding is distributed through the Family/Whānau Focus Area.

As The Tindall Foundation’s Local Allocation Committee we facilitate the distribution of grants to projects and initiatives in line with TTF’s Funding Priorities. TTF grants are between $500 and $10,000.

Who can apply?

This funding prioritises whānau/families who experience multiple disadvantages across generations and the initiative should focus on positive outcomes, and on long-term solutions that see our tamariki/children, rangatahi/young people and their whānau/families be resilient, secure and thriving are community led.

When to apply? 

  • Applications are welcomed from organisations meeting the Tindall Foundation criteria during Taranaki Foundation’s annual funding round.
  • Applications for 2021 are now closed
  • Applications for 2022 will open in August 2022

Find out more: 

  • You can read more about the goals of The Tindall Foundation’s Whānau/Families focus area on their website
  • For more information and to apply please visit tindall.org.nz
  • Refer to our How to Apply guide to find out more.

Hearing & Visual Impairment Fund

The Hearing & Visual Impairment Fund has been established thanks to the generosity of one of Taranaki Foundation’s donors to help Taranaki people who have a hearing or visual impairment to access equipment or technology that has a transformational impact on their daily life. Grants will typically be no greater than $2,000 per nominated individual.

Who can apply?

Organisations are invited to nominate individuals from within the fund’s target communities (Taranaki people who have a hearing or visual impairment) to receive funding for one or both of the following:

  • Direct costs involved in purchasing or accessing equipment or technology for use by the nominated individual(s).
  • Costs associated with the use of equipment or technology (e.g. training, user support) by the nominated individual(s).

When to apply? 

  • Applications are welcomed from organisations meeting the fund criteria during Taranaki Foundation’s annual funding round.
  • Applications for 2021 are now closed.

Other Funding Sources

Generosity NZ provides extensive details on other funding options available in New Zealand. Access givUS  free of charge via The Wheelhouse website a service provided for Taranaki organisations.

The Taranaki Scholarships Portal

New Zealand Education Scholarships

Funding Assistance (wheelhouse.org.nz)

Have a few questions?

We currently have one funding round per year. The application process opens in August and closes end of September each year.  Only applications received in their entirety by that date will be considered. Applicants will be notified of the outcome in November. Find out more about applying for funding here.

Taranaki Foundation acts as The Tindall Foundation’s (TTF) Local Allocation Committee for Taranaki, distributing donations from $500 to $10,000 in our region to projects and initiatives that support The Tindall Foundation funding priorities.

TTF’s application process runs in parallel with Taranaki Foundations funding round, opening in August and closing at the end of September each year. Find out more about applying for funding from TTF here.

Our Distributions Committee is made up of experts in charitable giving. They review grant applications, making annual distributions in line with the stated wishes of each Fund, or based on the needs of the community for non-designated Funds. We have a Distribution Policy which provides a robust framework for the committee to use when making granting decisions.

All positions on the Distribution Advisory Committee are voluntary and report to the Board of Trustees.

"We’ve done well living in a strong community and we’re now in a position to give back to that community to allow things to be done in the future for others."
Harry and Helen Bayliss - Donors