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Professional Advisors

Making your clients’ giving go further, forever.

Professional Advisors are key to helping people decide where best to leave their legacy.

Taranaki Foundation can help your clients leave a personal, enduring legacy that will benefit their community forever. We work with professional advisors like you to find the perfect fit between people and worthy causes and projects – strengthening established relationships and forging new ones.

Let’s work together to help your clients achieve their charitable goals.

We’re here to help

A significant portion of New Zealand’s wealth is held by those of retirement age. Many will choose to pass it on to the next generation and support the charitable causes to their heart.

An essential part of your clients’ future planning will be to consider how and when to transfer their wealth, who will benefit and how they can get the maximum enjoyment from it.  We can provide a variety of giving options for your clients, on a timeframe which suits them best.

We work alongside you and are here to answer your questions.

We can speak to your clients about philanthropy and where the great, impactful work is taking place in our community.

We can create a tailored giving plan for your client.

We can provide advice and resources on how to include philanthropy in your wealth planning conversations.

We want to ensure you feel informed of the value-add we can provide and would be delighted to come and present to your board, clients, and team.

Professional Advisors Forms and Guidance Notes.

Have a few questions?

  • Your clients rely on your guidance to make important financial decisions. When it comes to charitable giving, we can partner with you to simplify their giving and amplify their impact.
  • Help your client create a permanent legacy by establishing a Named Fund.
  • Your client can support the local projects and causes they’re passionate about.
  • Donations can be made during your client’s lifetime — enabling them to see the results of their generosity (and benefit from tax credits now).
  • Alternatively, your clients can donate through their will or by a distribution from their Family Trust. Gifting by will and from a trust may create or add to existing endowments.
"We were impressed with the community foundations model as it will not only ease the fundraising burden but also provide our supporters with a way to invest in our future and help us to ensure we can continue to provide our specialist hospice care and support to all who need us."
Paul Lamb, CEO - Hospice Taranaki
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