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The Power
Of Giving

With Taranaki Foundation your charitable giving makes a real, positive difference that will be felt throughout our region for generations to come.

We work with a range of amazing local causes, projects and organisations so you can support the mahi close to your home and your heart.

Your generosity will help us create a prosperous Taranaki for all

Benefits Of Giving Through Taranaki Foundation

Your Giving Stays Local

Our regional focus and local expertise means your gift supports your community.


Your Giving Is Personal

Choose to support the local charitable causes, projects and initiatives you are passionate about.

Your Giving Grows

We invest your gift, protecting and growing it. This means even a one-off donation will still be supporting great work within our region forever.

Your Giving Is Visible

Our annual updates let you keep track of your Fund’s earnings and the distributions that have been made.

Your Giving Is Expertly Organised

We work with and take advice from trusted, experienced professionals from across the finance, legal, government and charity sectors and strictly adhere to all statutory requirements.

Your Giving Is In Safe Hands

With reputable, skilled and experienced trustees and robust granting and investment policies, your gift is in safe hands.

Your Giving Gives Back

Donations made to Taranaki Foundation during a person’s life qualify for a 33.3 percent tax credit. Meaning, you get 33 cents back for every $1 you donate.

Your Giving Your Way

No matter who you are — an individual, a family, an existing Society or Trust, a business, a professional advisor —  Taranaki Foundation has the flexibility to let you choose when you give, who you give to, how much you give and what form your giving takes.

Give Today

Make a one-off donation or regular contributions to a cause you’re passionate about.

All donations made during your lifetime qualify for a tax rebate of 33.3 percent (up to the limit of your taxable income).

Give Tomorrow

Give something back to your favourite charitable cause by leaving a gift in your will or a bequest.

Choose to leave a percentage of your estate, a specified amount, or what’s left after all your other commitments are taken care of.

Give Together

Workplace Giving is the easy way for businesses and employees to give back to their community. Find out more about how easy Workplace Giving is for employers and employees here.

Transfer an existing Trust or Incorporated Society

Create a permanent funding stream for causes close to your heart while we look after the paperwork.

Give In Your Name

Create your own Named Fund and have your donation and legacy live on forever, supporting work you are passionate about. Learn more about establishing your Named Fund here.

Establish a scholarship to nurture the next generation.

Give To An Established Fund

Support any of the existing Taranaki Foundation or Community Funds set up to support long-term community transformation within our region.

Find the Fund that’s right for you here

"We’ve done well living in a strong community and we’re now in a position to give back to that community to allow things to be done in the future for others"
Harry and Helen Bayliss - Donor

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