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In The Business Of Doing Good

Workplace Giving is the easy, lasting way for your business to demonstrate leadership and corporate responsibility.

Taranaki Foundation Workplace Giving allows your charitable giving to have a bigger impact, collectively.

Simple for both employers and employees. Workplace Giving is an easy way for people to donate a little often, building a strong legacy for the future as well as strengthening the connection between your workplace and the community by supporting amazing local people and projects.

We’ll work with you to tailor the perfect plan for your business including:

  • Matching your business with a Fund(s) that reflects your brand and culture.
  • Making it easy for employees to give via payroll.
  • Establishing the right formula for business contributions (matching or contributing a percentage of staff donations, donating a fixed monthly or annual amount, seed investment to begin etc).
  • Advice for creating your giving committee (a group of staff charged with managing annual sign-ups, deciding what community groups to support, feeding back internally using our annual updates which track earnings and distributions so your team can see how their gift is growing and where it is going).

It's easy for employees

Donations are made via payroll — employees don’t need to do anything.

Employees get an immediate 33 percent tax saving (without the need to keep receipts for their tax return).

For example, if an employee donates $7.50, only $5 is deducted from their pay packet (and the government, via the IRD, pays the remaining $2.50).

Participation is completely voluntary.

It’s great for businesses

A powerful tool to create a positive giving culture within your business.

Employers can match employee contributions providing a powerful incentive to promote Workplace Giving.

Establishes a point of difference during recruitment (and by including information in induction packs, new employees can feel part of the team from day 1).

Demonstrates your businesses values to your customers and the wider community.

An easy way to “walk the walk” and demonstrate corporate leadership.

Working with Taranaki Foundation is easy — we take care of all the administrative legal and financial requirements, look after the annual distributions and sell your staff on the idea (we keep our presentations short and can do them in small groups to minimise any impact on your business).

Craigs Investment Partners gives back locally

As a long-time supporter of communities across NZ, in 2019 Craigs developed a thoughtful giving programme with Community Foundations of NZ (CFNZ) to support the Taranaki community through a partnership with Taranaki Foundation. Over the past few years, the Craigs New Plymouth team have directed money to local charities instead of sending out Christmas gifts.

Craigs employees have the opportunity to participate in the Workplace Giving program, with Craigs matching employee donations dollar for dollar.

Are there any catches?

In short – no. Flexibility is a key benefit of working with Taranaki Foundation. With Workplace Giving there are:

  • No minimum donation amounts.
  • No upfront funding requirement.

No obligation for businesses to donate themselves (although most choose to and it certainly increases team engagement when you do).

We’d love to connect with you and talk more about how we can help you set up Workplace Giving.

Have a few questions?

Taranaki Foundation Workplace giving programme let employees donate a set amount each pay. Because it comes directly from pre-tax pay, it gives most people immediate tax savings and means they don’t need to save receipts for their tax return.

Employers often match employee contributions to help make an even bigger impact.

Your regular donations through payroll giving to the Taranaki Foundation will help help us to respond to needs in our community both now and forever.

No. Companies aren’t required to contribute any money up front. All a company needs to do is:

Enable staff to donate through the payroll system (we can help set this up).

Include Workplace Giving information in induction packs for new staff.

Give us the opportunity to talk to your staff about workplace giving. We keep these presentations short and can do them in small groups to minimise the impact on your business. There is no obligation on your employees to participate.

Not only is Workplace Giving an easy way for people to donate a little often, it also has the added bonus of an immediate tax benefit.

Employees receive an immediate tax credit for their donations, instead of having to retain their receipts and wait until the end of the year to claim a rebate.

For every dollar donated they receive a third back as a tax credit in the same pay period. If you donate $7.50, the government pays $2.50 of that meaning only $5 is deducted from your pay packet.

"We see the huge benefit and impact of giving to those areas within the community with the greatest needs"
Christine Egarr - Craigs Investment Partners