When Vicki and John Haylock’s beloved uncle, Dr Basil Clarke, passed away and they received an inheritance, they decided to use some of it to honour his memory.

Dr Clarke had dedicated his life to healthcare, working as a ship’s surgeon, and in Edinburgh as a practicing GP, consultant physician, medical lecturer and researcher. He retired to Taranaki in 1995 and had mentioned to his family that he would like to establish a trust or scholarship.

This didn’t eventuate before his death, and when Vicki become the CEO of the Foundation she saw it provided the perfect vehicle to create a lasting memorial for her uncle.  The Dr BF Clarke Fund will make grants which will forever benefit health, wellbeing and education projects for Taranaki people.

Vicki says, “Uncle Basil didn’t have children of his own, so this fund is a wonderful way for his legacy to go on.  Having a fund in his name allows his contributions to medicine to be remembered and means his work supporting the health of the community can be continued”.

Vicki and John recently decided to make Dr. Clarke’s fund a family affair, leaving 10% of their estate as a gift in their wills, which will add to the fund and its impact.   Vicki says, “our children are really supportive, and, I hope it becomes an intergenerational fund, one that they are really proud of as well”.

Vicki says, “Taranaki has been good to us, we both grew up under the mountain and have raised our family here. We really want to give back to this community and to help those that are less fortunate”.

“What I love about Taranaki Foundation is that our donations can be used to reflect us and our interests. It enables a very personal way of giving, and, as a not-for-profit, it comes without the big fees”.

John adds, “It also makes us feel good to give, and it’s great be doing something that will keep alive the things Basil believed in”.

Vicki notes, “A bequest, or a gift in our will, is a very painless way to give; anyone can consider it if they own their own home – donations don’t need to be large as they can be pooled with others. It’s not just for wealthy people”.

“Community Foundations are a wonderful way to leave a long-lasting and flexible gift for our community, which can be used to respond to local needs as they change over time.”