The eagerly anticipated Destination Play at Kāwaroa is on the verge of becoming a reality. Set to push play in March/April 2024, this transformative community project will provide a space for people of all ages and abilities to gather, have fun and create lasting memories.

The project design team has confirmed a plan that maximises the reuse of existing infrastructure, effectively reducing both environmental impact and construction costs.

Destination Play will be developed in carefully planned stages, with the initial phase covering 75% of the entire site. Subsequent sections will be introduced as additional funding is secured. Stage one encompasses the highlighted area outlined below:


Taranaki Foundation Chair, Phil Hinton, shares his excitement and commitment to bringing the play space at Kāwaroa to fruition. While acknowledging the challenges faced during the development and fundraising of this complex community project, he finds inspiration in witnessing the project take shape and approach the construction phase.  “Knowing that innovative ways have been worked through to achieve cost savings and meet budget constraints while still preserving the integrity of the project is very important to us,” he said.

Significant cost savings, achieved through creative solutions such as the reconfigured car park design utilising existing infrastructure, underscore the project’s commitment to achieving the best result by its completion in later 2024. Phil emphasises, “Public donors, community funders, and the New Plymouth District Council will take pride in this dynamic, inclusive, and enjoyable recreational space catering to all age groups of our community.”

Contracts have been awarded across various key areas, including hill play, agility and fitness zones, water play features, toilets/changing rooms and Changing Places facility and Pour ’n’ Playground surfacing, showcasing substantial project progress. The next project milestone is to complete the tender process, before the removal of existing playground equipment in March 2024, with construction to follow.

As Destination Play at Kāwaroa takes shape, it symbolises the realisation of a community dream and a legacy of joy for generations to come. It is proof of what can be accomplished when a community comes together for a great cause. We are grateful for all the contributions, whether big or small, that have made this dream a reality. This is not just a playground, but also our legacy and a gift to the children and adults of our community.

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Thank You to Our Amazing Team of Supporters!

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