Taranaki Foundation is honoured to welcome Help a Taranaki Child Trust Fund. The trustees have made the decision to wind up the Trust and transfer the proceeds to the Taranaki Foundation, which will administer the funds as per the trust wishes going forward, and see the funds safeguarded in perpetuity.

Help a Taranaki Child (HATCH) is a charity that has represented the interests of children in the Taranaki community for the past 17 years. The trust was established to help Taranaki children achieve access to health, sporting, educational and cultural facilities. Taranaki Foundation will continue the original trust vision and purposes through the Help a Taranaki Child Trust Fund.

Michelle Brennan, the Chair of HATCH believes that this is the right decision and honours the vision of the founding trustees. “The income from the fund will remain in Taranaki and continue to be distributed according to our wishes for perpetuity, which is most important to us. It is comforting for us to know the fund will continue to be well-managed and get a better return than our term deposits, which means more help for the community”.

Taranaki Foundation Chair, Bryce Barnett, says he and the Board are delighted to be working with HATCH and congratulate their trustees for their foresight and considered stewardship of these funds.

“Our aim at Taranaki Foundation is to provide local charities with sustainable long-term income, through the revenue generated from the investment of funds. It is a privilege to provide this service for HATCH and to support them into the future,” Bryce says.

HATCH Trustee Lindsay Thomson agrees the transfer of their Trust to the Foundation was straight forward, with all involved working for the common good and they look forward to seeing the outcome and impact it will now continue to have.

“The Taranaki Foundation is a wonderful organisation to be involved with. You can choose where you want your money to go, even while it is managed by the Foundation. It guarantees continuity,” says Lindsay.

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