Destination Play at Kāwaroa, an initiative of the Taranaki Foundation in partnership with mana whenua of Ngāmotu, Ngāti Te Whiti, New Plymouth District Council and NP Partners, is designed as a legacy for future generations. It will be a family-friendly experience that brings the unique nature, culture, histories and stories of the site playfully alive.

The detailed design work on Stage One of Destination Play at Kāwaroa has been completed, the next project milestone to be completed is the tender process for the construction of the play space itself, and this will inform the construction timeline.

We have successfully secured over $5 million in funding for Stage One and the development of Stage Two is now actively being worked on.

You are invited to consider contributing to Stage Two and help deliver the full vision and legacy. We are committed to creating the very best of New Zealand here in Ngāmotu.

We’re making it happen!