Taranaki Foundation is proud to welcome the Taranaki Health Fund. This new Fund has been established by the Taranaki Health Foundation and aims to ensure funding is more readily available for the future purchase of key equipment not funded by the government.

Leaving a Legacy for Health

Taranaki people now have the opportunity to make a valuable, long-lasting contribution to healthcare in the region by including a legacy gift in their Will to the Taranaki Health Fund.

Individuals or families who wish to contribute, can update their Will to include a financial gift to the Taranaki Health Fund, selecting a specific area of healthcare they would like their financial contribution to go towards – paediatrics, mental health, critical care, aged care, cancer care or general care. The funds bequeathed are held and invested by the Taranaki Foundation to grow over time.

Adrian Sole, the General Manager of the Taranaki Health Foundation, said, “This is a proactive approach to healthcare fundraising, rather than reacting to a need and then fundraising to meet that need. This approach will make funds available sooner for departments and enable more effective investment. It’s a real legacy project. Those who gift to the Fund will have a hugely positive and important impact on healthcare in the region long after they have passed. Their generosity will help future generations – from Mōkau to Waverley and from newborns to those close to the end of their journey – have access to the best equipment and facilities possible, thereby improving the overall standard of care.”

A Strong Partnership for a Strong Community

The partnership between the Taranaki Health Foundation and the Taranaki Foundation is a testament to the strength of charitable organisations coming together for a common cause.

Josh Hickford, CE, Taranaki Foundation, welcomed the establishment of the Taranaki Health Fund, emphasising the shared commitment to improving the region. He said, “The Taranaki Health Foundation do a great job helping our region secure the best healthcare equipment, services and facilities possible, over and above what the Government provides. We hope the Fund is an option all Taranaki people will consider as part of their legacy, as leaving a gift in your will is a simple way to ensure the gift will continue to give. Big or small, your gift will make a positive difference, now and for future generations.”

How to Contribute

For more information on the Taranaki Health Fund or your options for leaving a gift:

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  • If you want to know more about bequests and leaving a gift to Taranaki Foundation, please contact us