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Taranaki Health Fund

The Taranaki Health Fund is an initiative developed by the Taranaki Health Foundation.

The Taranaki Health Fund has been established as a proactive approach to healthcare fundraising. Rather than reacting to a need and raising funds, your gift will be used as a funding pool for the region to draw on for unmet healthcare requirements. We encourage Taranaki locals to consider leaving a bequest or gift to this fund.

With the Taranaki Health Fund, individuals and families have the opportunity to select a particular healthcare area for their contribution. There are six sub-funds that you can choose from, allowing you to ensure your funds are directed towards the specific healthcare needs that you wish to support:

  • Paediatric Fund
  • Mental Health Fund
  • Aged Care Fund
  • Critical Care Fund
  • Cancer Care Fund
  • General Care Fund

To learn more about the Taranaki Health Fund and how you can impact the standard of healthcare in Taranaki for the future, download our information pack.

For more information about enhancing public healthcare in Taranaki visit the Taranaki Health Foundation


Taranaki Health Fund

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