In December 2022 the Brookdell Fear Trust Fund was created together with the Taranaki Foundation.

Edgar Fear was born in Somerset, England, around 1910, the youngest of five children of Frederick and Alice Fear. The family travelled to New Zealand aboard the “Remuera” on 30th August 1929. The passenger list recorded his occupation as a farmer and he settled in the Waikato. In 1931 he moved to Taranaki.

Based on electoral records, in 1931 his residence was on Radnor Road in Midhurst. He married Irene Barbra Vickers in 1936 and they subsequently had two children – a boy, Bruce Edgar Fear (born in 1938) and a girl, Marjorie Irene Fear.

Regrettably, his wife died in 1964 and Marjorie died in 1984 (we understand both from cancer). This left Edgar and his son to continue farming, initially moving to the Waitomo area and then returning to the Taranaki district where they settled in the Kaponga/Stratford district at Mangatoki. They named their farm “Brookdell” (located opposite the Mangatoki Hall).

Bruce was supported by and worked hard with his father on the farm property and they ultimately shared ownership. Edgar and his son recognised that they were the “end of the family line”, and both believed philanthropy was the potential benefit of their efforts.

Brookdell Trust was formed by Bruce in 1984 for charitable purposes. Since then, it has supported educational-based needs for children as well as providing other benefits to the community.

Edgar died in July 1992 after a major heart attack. Bruce died in July 2021 which led to the winding up of Edgar’s Estate and the formation of the Brookdell Fear Trust Fund. This Fund has particular emphasis on medical research.

Under the guidance of the Taranaki Foundation, it will continue to benefit the community.

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