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How has project incorporated accessibility and inclusive design considerations?  

Play is essential for people of all ages and abilities.

Accessibility and inclusivity considerations have been considered and incorporated across the design elements including:

  • The inclusion of a Changing Places toilet, accessible and uni-sex toilets and changing facilities.
  • Mobility carparks, a new ramp access from the Coastal Walkway and a range of access points (steps, ramps).
  • Various hard and non-slip surfaces, accessible water play and better access to the natural reef.
  • There will also be accessible and inclusive play components and play opportunities.
  • Destination Play tells a rich cultural story of the local area and hapū. This has been built into the design across all aspects.
  • The design also incorporates the teaching curriculum into the play spaces to allow for schools to visit and use the various areas as outside classrooms.
  • A range of experiences and spaces will be included in the 12 conceptually themed zones – including: Shared social spaces, gender neutral spaces, free to use BBQs, quiet and active zones, sensory stimulation, and a coastal plant garden.