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Grant Application Form 2022

Taranaki Foundation

Our Mission –  To be a renowned foundation for giving that provides an inter-generational legacy for Taranaki
Our Vision – A prosperous Taranaki for all
Our Purpose – To inspire a culture of giving and sharing in Taranaki

Application Dates 2022

There is one Taranaki Foundation funding round per year
Applications for 2022 will open on Monday 1 August and will close Friday 23 September.
Full applications must be in by this date. Due to high demand we will not accept any late applications.

Funding criteria and guidance

Before completing the application form, you may find it helpful to read these tips:

  • First, check that your initiative is eligible to receive Taranaki Foundation funding. You can find our detailed Application Guidance Notes here.
  • We are interested in hearing about the difference your initiative will make. Being really clear about the outcomes of your initiative is really helpful.
  • Double-check you have completed your application in full before submitting it. You will receive a full copy of your application via email.
  • Please note that Taranaki Foundation may request additional information and/or the opportunity to visit you as part of the decision-making process if you have not received funding from Taranaki Foundation before.
  • If you are unsure, give us a call. We are happy to provide guidance in any way we can.
  • Where can I get more information?
  • Please complete and return this application form. We prefer applications to be made online or emailed to: info@taranakifoundation.org.nz

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