We are thrilled to welcome and introduce Ainsley Luscombe and Marilyn Davies as incoming trustees, together with Kirsty Jamieson who has taken on a development role as a Board Observer on Taranaki Foundation.

Board leadership is vital for a nonprofit organisation to achieve its purpose, and the Taranaki Foundation is no exception. Our board members hold our strategic vision, keep us accountable to our mission and bring a wealth of expertise and strong local networks. We could not fulfil our work to strengthen our communities and inspire local philanthropy without them!

Taranaki Foundation Chair Bryce Barnett said, “we are delighted to have these new members on our board. We look forward to the valuable insights, experience and contributions Ainsley, Marilyn and Kirsty will make to our work.”

We invite you to learn more about these community leaders and to join us in welcoming them.

Ainsley Luscombe, Trustee

Ainsley has been involved in many different sectors of the South Taranaki community. She and husband Philip returned, after university, to the family farm at Kapuni, where they raised three sons.

She has a strong sense of social justice developed over her thirty years as Guidance Counsellor at Hāwera High School and currently as a Ministerial Appointee on the Benefit Review Committee for Ministry of Social Development and member of the Consumer Council for Te Whata Ora Taranaki, (TDHB).

Through her eight years as a Trustee and Director of TSB Community Trust (now TOI Foundation), she saw first hand how philanthropy can enhance the lives of Taranaki people.

Reflecting on why she was inspired to join the Taranaki Foundation Board, Ainsley shares how generosity which springs from gratitude, is an important value that guided that decision, saying, “like many people I want to get to the end of my life and be able to say I have made a positive difference in people’s lives.  Giving back as a Trustee of Taranaki Foundation is an important step on that journey.”

Marilyn Davies, Trustee

Marilyn is a current Director at Tandem Group Chartered Accountants (set to retire on 31 March 2024) who brings extensive financial and philanthropic knowledge to our work.

She has a huge passion for business, our community and making a difference. This was formally recognised in 2014, when Marilyn was awarded a Fellowship by the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand for her outstanding work in the industry.

Marilyn is a founding trustee of the Taranaki Vehicle Events Trust and has been an enthusiastic business mentor for over 25 years. She has also acted as an advisor over many decades to not for profit organisations.

Marilyn is hugely committed to the region, and having supported and championed the Foundation for several years, she says she has joined the Foundation as, “I believe it is well placed to have a lead role in facilitating and providing support for our region’s communities.”

“Being part of an organisation that creates long-term impact for both the givers and receivers of generosity is a privilege and there is a wonderful opportunity for philanthropy to play a role in achieving transformative change.”

Kirsty Jamieson, Board Observer

Kirsty is currently a Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment with her areas of expertise in community partnership, regional and national strategy development, and workforce planning.

Since the completion of her studies in the USA and subsequent time abroad, Kirsty enjoys supporting her hometown of Stratford through membership on the Stratford Community Sports Society and has supported taiohi as a former Mentor at Scotlands Hostel (NPGHS).

Kirsty is delighted to represent the Taranaki Foundation in a Board Observer role. Proud of her South and Central Taranaki upbringing, she is a strong advocate for these communities and is committed to ensuring a balanced Taranaki voice is heard.

“The vision of a community foundation for all of Taranaki is inspiring. As a Board Observer I look forward to sharing in the passion of the Foundation as it makes a difference in our community through thoughtful, effective philanthropy. The Taranaki region provides so much for us, and I am eager to learn and support the Taranaki Foundation to continue making a real difference in our community,” she says. 

Our new board members will join Bryce Barnett, Mark Bowden, Phil Hinton, Dan Radcliffe and Loren Anderson on the Taranaki Foundation Board.

Taranaki Foundation founding co-chairs and trustees Ken Horner and Paul Goldsmith, were farewelled at a Trustee dinner on 10 May 2023.

“As an organisation, we have been blessed by having Ken and Paul’s community spirit, wise counsel, and long-standing support. We are incredibly thankful for their hard work which has laid firm foundations from which the foundation can grow to benefit our community. We thank them and wish them well,” says Bryce.

Taranaki Foundation are also delighted that Ken has been appointed as the inaugural Patron of the Foundation. As Patron, Ken will act as a high-level ambassador, lending his credibility and time to support us.

To find out more about our team, please visit Our People page.