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G.J. Gardner Homes Taranaki Fund

G.J. Gardner Homes Taranaki first opened its doors in June 2006 and since has grown a reputation for building top quality homes in the Taranaki region.

In 2016 Rod Roebuck and Ben Hawke purchased the franchise from the previous owners and have continued to grow the business while still creating high quality, well priced homes in the province they both call home. Although Rod and Ben are new owners of the business they both have a long association with the Taranaki Franchise.

Supporting locals is important to them. They have been the largest fundraiser for The Taranaki Cancer Society for the last three years as well as supporting The Special Children’s Extravaganza, Heart Kid’s Foundation, numerous schools and their fundraising initiatives as well as individuals from within their region that are competing on a national and in some cases international stage.

Extending their community giving, G.J. Gardner Homes Taranaki have partnered with the Taranaki Foundation. They are an operational supporter and have a Corporate Pass Through Fund – G.J. Gardner Homes Taranaki Fund.

The purpose of the G.J. Gardner Homes Taranaki Fund is to provide community benefit. G.J. Gardner Homes Taranaki have set up their Corporate Pass Through Fund with the foundation to manage all their smaller local sponsorships and donations. Distributions from the fund can be made at any time G.J. Gardner Homes Taranaki see an opportunity they would like to support.

Proudly supporting Taranaki Foundation

"We love what the Taranaki Foundation does and stands for. We already have high community involved and see the partnering with the foundation as a great opportunity to further impact our local Taranaki community in a positive way. We’re excited to be a foundation supporter and work with their team to deliver great outcomes."
Rod Roebuck, Franchise Owner - G.J. Gardner Homes Taranaki.