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What facilities will be built?

As well as replacing an ageing playground facility, Destination Play at Kāwaroa will transform this significant location into a major intergenerational educational and play resource.

The approx. 22,000 m² play area will include:

  • Water, challenge and natural play features.
  • Shared social spaces, seating, shelter and an outdoor classroom area.
  • Easier access to Kāwaroa reef encouraging natural exploration.
  • A Maramataka feature that highlights the Māori lunar calendar.
  • Agility and fitness equipment including a pump track, climbing platforms and swings.
  • Learning hotspots aligned with local history, mana whenua and the NZ curricula.
  • Better public facilities including changing rooms, toilets, parking and space for food trucks.

Construction of the above will be in a Staged approach.