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What are Community Funds?

  • These are existing Funds that community groups including schools, incorporated societies, and charities have set up with Taranaki Foundation.
  • Most of our Community Funds are Named Funds (see below), although it is possible to set up a Community Fund under a Pass Through or Combined model as well.
  • The community group that establishes a Fund sets the agenda and determines the groups and work that benefit from it.
  • Once established, anyone can donate any amount they choose to a Community Fund (provided they meet the criteria set out by the people who established it).
  • Community Funds automatically qualify to be part of our Workplace Giving scheme which encourages businesses and employees throughout the region to make regular contributions to the Funds managed by Taranaki Foundation. Find out more about Workplace Giving here. 
  • Find out more about the Established Community Funds you can donate to here.