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Taranaki Youth Boost

Over the past four years, close to $50,000 has been channelled through Youth Boost to boost the talents of our ambitious youngsters. As a way of giving back to the province and supporting our young people, Steelformers through Brendon Back and Brent Taylor pioneered their Steelformers Youth Boost. Each month, they have selected two school-age applicants from Taranaki who are struggling to fund their participation or secure training in sport, music, artistic or academic pursuits to receive a donation of $500 towards their chosen activity.

“Youth Boost is a great way for us as a company to give back to the province and support 24 young people each year to follow their dreams, while at the same time taking a little bit of the financial burden away from parents or guardians.” Brendon says.

Now Taranaki Steelformers, in partnership with Taranaki Foundation and NP Partners are looking to further boost the youth of Taranaki and amplify the impact.

How it works:

  • Every month, school-age people from Taranaki can apply for a $500 grant.
  • Currently $1,000 in total is given away each month in a draw. This is set to increase and expand as more contributing Partners & Doners join.
  • If you attend school and are excelling at sport music, art, academia or other pursuits, you can apply.
  • Students are drawn out of the entries each month to receive $500 towards these pursuits.

Apply here via the Youth Boost website.

Want to contribute the Fund? Taranaki Youth Boost is a Fund that any individual, family, corporate or local business can contribute or partner with. If you want to boost the youth of Taranaki, then the Taranaki Youth Boost Fund might be for you. Lets talk!


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