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What impact will it have?

Any donation you make through Taranaki Foundation helps create permanent funding streams for local causes, projects and people working to make Taranaki the best regional centre in the world.

With our funding model, the capital (your donation) isn’t touched. It is protected and grown while the income it earns is distributed as community grants. You choose the projects and causes that benefit from your generosity – creating positive change in the areas that are important to you.

Donations received through Taranaki Foundation are already hard at work, making a real impact in real people’s lives, like:

  • Thomas can hear while he swims and plays in the rain, just like his mates, thanks to the cochlear implants funded by a grant from..
  • Deaf siblings Benji and Sadie’s home has been fitted with specialist alarms. As well as alerting them in case there is a fire, the alarms are also helping them to be more independent because they can now get themselves up and ready for each day.
  • 2 x bigger project impacts

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