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Grant Nomination Form 2022

Taranaki Foundation

Our Mission To be a renowned foundation for giving that provides an inter-generational legacy for Taranaki
Our Vision A prosperous Taranaki for all
Our Purpose To inspire a culture of giving and sharing in Taranaki

Hearing & Visual Impairment Fund

The Hearing & Visual Impairment Fund has been established to help Taranaki people who have a hearing or visual impairment to access equipment or technology that has a transformational impact on their daily life.

Funding Criteria

  • Organisations are invited to nominate individuals from within the fund’s target communities (Taranaki people who have a hearing or visual impairment) to receive funding for one or both of the following:
    • Direct costs involved in purchasing or accessing equipment or technology for use by the nominated individual(s).
    • Costs associated with the use of equipment or technology (e.g. training, user support) by the nominated individual(s).
  • Grants will typically be no greater than $2,000 per nominated individual. Organisations may nominate a maximum of two individuals, unless otherwise advised by Taranaki Foundation.
  • Taranaki Foundation will not fund equipment, technology or support that has already been purchased.
  • Nominees and nominating organisations agree to allow Taranaki Foundation to publicise their grant, should their application be successful.

Application Process

  • The fund will be open to nominations from Monday 1 August and will close Friday 22 September.
  • This period may be extended at Taranaki Foundation’s discretion.
  • Nominating organisations and nominees will be notified of the outcome of their request in November 2022. Grants will be distributed by 31 December 2022.
  • Grant recipients will be required to report on the use of funds using Taranaki Foundation’s Accountability Report.
  • To apply please complete the online form below. If you need time to complete your application, download the PDF form to compile your application to then complete the online form when ready to submit.
  • Alternatively if you would prefer to complete the PDF form, you may submit your completed PDF form via email to: info@taranakifoundation.org.nz by Friday 23 September 2022.

For more information:

email info@taranakifoundation.org.nz, or phone us on +64 27 853 4483

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